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Update Oct 2016

Stock of certain JVC blank media has now reached very low levels, with some lines now depleted.

Please check prior to ordering in case we have not yet updated stock status on certain lines.

Sept 2015

Taiyo Yuden / JVC have announced that they will cease manufacturing of all Optical Media on December 31st 2015.

Based on historical demand, we foresee stock being available from the factory until mid - late 2016.

However, we urge you to consider your short term requirements and plan/purchase accordingly, whilst also considering your long term solution needs.

We will continue to monitor stock levels and adjust our site information accordingly, but suggest you contact us prior to placing any large stock orders.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via info@nortsandones.com.au


Facts Regarding Taiyo Yuden Media

  1. Taiyo Yuden is a TAA Compliant media manufactured in Japan by the company of the same name. It is recognized as being a quality leader in recordable optical media; in fact, TAIYO YUDEN invented the CD-R back in 1988. With its rigorous quality control methods, TAIYO YUDEN is the preferred blank media for consumers and DVD duplication companies. 
  2. Taiyo Yuden DO NOT outsource manufacturing to other companies.
  3. Taiyo Yuden do in fact manufacture products for other leading blank disk suppliers such as Verbatim and TDK, Fuji, Maxwell and others
  4. Excluding the Taiyo Yuden Watershield Media, ALL Taiyo Yuden products are supplied in Packs of 100. They do not supply in cake tubs of 50 (again, excluding their watershield products).
  5. Beware of re-packed Taiyo Yuden products. If you are offered standard CD's or DVD's in packs of 50,(excluding their watershield products) then it will mean that these have been re-packed after they have left the factory. Taiyo Yuden frown upon this activity, as it may mean the quality of the product is jeopardized by handling, eg fingerprints, ingress of dust and other contaminants that may reduce the quality of the Taiyo Yuden Media. This repackaging, may also void any warranties that are applicable to the Master Grade products, so proceed with caution when dealing in re-packed qtys.
  6. Widest Industry Record and Playback Compatibility
  7. Writes All Formats of Audio and Data
  8. High Speed Rotation Stability
  9. Dye Design Allows for High Speed Recording
  10. 100 Year Durability Data Integrity Guarantee
  11. Lowest Block Error Rate (E12 & E22) in the Industry
  12. Fewer Rejects with a Failure Rate of Less Than .006%
  13. Most Major Drive Manufacturers use TAIYO YUDEN as the standard for testing hardware.
  14. Master Grade and OEM Grade

    Taiyo Yuden make 2 distinct grades, being the Master Grade and the OEM grade.

    Both product groups are made in the same factory, under the same conditions and using the same materials

The OEM grade are actually produced primarily for other vendors such as Verbatim, TDK and others.

The major difference between the two grades is the quality testing. 

The Master Grade are subject to much higher quality checks than the OEM range and as such offer a 1 year guarantee against data loss, where as the OEM range don’t.

Both products are just as likely to last an extensive period, (up-to 100 years as quoted by Taiyo Yuden), though I’m not sure I’ll be around to verify this..!!

For general use, the OEM are more than suitable, however, for critical archiving and security sensitive data, we suggest you look at Master Grade discs.

The OEM range have an additional 3 digit code stamped on the upper side of the inner ring to identify them against the Master Grade

  1. The various Taiyo Yuden MID Codes are as follows

TYG02 8x DVD-R (batch code: GGxxxxxx)
TYG03 16x DVD-R (batch code: GHxxxxxx)
YUDEN000 T03 16x DVD+R (batch code: THxxxxxx)

As always Beware of imitations...

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