Taiyo Yuden & JVC Re-Branding

Taiyo Yuden rebranded to JVC

With its purchase of JVC Media Division, Taiyo Yuden is changing and re-branding its products to JVC Advanced Media.

While the name and part numbers (to a small extent) will change, the product will not change and will remain exactly the same.

Quality Stays the Same

All Taiyo Yuden DVD and CD media will still be manufactured in Japan at existing facilities.

The facilities, materials, and methods will remain in use.

The name on the packaging will change, but the product will stay the same.

The majority of the Master Grade Taiyo Yuden line have been switched over to the new JVC packaging and model numbers.

The OEM range will continue to be provided as is, with no change yet to be announced.

Bigger Name, More Product

With the purchase of the JVC Media Division, Taiyo Yuden will have the ability to bring additional products to market, such as affordable Dual Layer and Blu-Ray Media.

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