Norts And Ones is a Registered Australian Business



Contacting us

If you need to contact us for any information at all, we prefer that you email. We both then have a record of what was requested and what was answered (We love a good paper trail..!!) Please email us via (or visit our Contact Us page for other email addresses.) Please rest assured that we read and answer every single email that comes our way, and we aim to answer every email within 1-2 hours of receiving it. Except those of you that insist on sending emails at 2am...But we have been known to answer those as well.!


Do I have to order on Line.. ?

Short Answer = Yes.. 

Long Answer...   Still Yes..  We run an e-commerce store so that we can process your orders as quickly and as humanly as possible. We currently do not have a bricks and mortar store, nor do we have 16 year olds packing orders, because they're both costly - so we'd need to charge you more and we really do not wish to do that. Besides that, ordering online means only one person to point the finger at when incorrect information is entered. Email an order and paying by Direct Debit is fine, but email orders do not get processed as quickly as the on-line orders do. Also, online order secure stock almost immediately.


Why do I have to Register for an Account..?

Well, we don't actually like to refer to it as an account its more like information sharing. In order for us to send you something, we need an address, and in order for us to contact you to clarify details regarding your order, we need an email address and or a phone number. This information is stored on file so that the next time you order, all you need is your email address and password and away you go again..  very simple...

If you are in the least bit concerned about privacy, please see our Privacy Statement


What makes us different to all the others..?


Our Aim

We have one aim... and that is to support you, our valued customer through the entire process, from the time you start thinking about the parts you want, to the time it comes to parting with the hard earned cash. Yes, you earned it, so don't part with it to someone who shows no interest in answering emails, can't be contacted or simply seems to have one goal, to get your money.


Our Service

We have worked hard since our beginning to ensure we provide a high level of service, and we pride ourselves on the service we offer. If we answer 10 emails from you and we don't get an order, we can at least rest in the knowledge that we shared some information with you, and that perhaps you left our 'site' more informed.

Again, our aim is to provide you with a service that will keep you coming back, so if we don't live up to your expectations, (Providing they are realistic..!!), then let us know. As the old saying goes, if you like the service we provide, make sure you tell your friends, if you don't like the service, make sure you tell us so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible. We are constantly monitoring the services and products we provide to ensure they are in line with market trends and more importantly, consumer expectations.


Our Attitude to Quality

We never sacrifice quality in order to sell the lowest priced products. We always make sure to choose the best products available. All of the blank CD & DVD media sold via Norts And Ones are genuine and authentic products.

Unlike a lot of other sites and re-sellers, we DO NOT sell Blank Media that is widely know to be inferior. If you want cheap and nasty blank media that is only going to be unreadable within a few months of burning your valuable data or family memories, don't ask for it, as you wont find it here....


Our Site

We hope our site is 'comfortable' to use, in that you find it easy to navigate, it provides the information you are looking for, and doesn't leaving you guessing for information. We have, where possible, provided links back to the manufacturers' site, so that you can verify the facts and data we have listed. We're always adding new parts and products so please bookmark us and pop back often.


Thank You for visiting our site Norts And Ones


We guarantee that we will go out of our way to make sure that you have a happy experience when dealing with Norts And Ones. We continually hear horror stories about "Grabbitt & Run" companies who pamper you through the selection process, only to ignore you when you have a problem after. This business is our lively hood, we cannot afford to ignore and destroy customer relations.